NEBU cloned at NEB recombinant dil_B 37 65 Heat CpG dcm

This product was discontinued on 12/31/2020 and replaced with the High Fidelity version, BsaI-HFv2 (NEB #R3733).

  • Catalog # R0535 was discontinued on December 31, 2020
NEB restriction endonuclease that recognizes the sequence GGTCTCN^NNNN_

Attention Golden Gate Assembly users: BsaI-HFv2 (NEB #R3733) has been optimized for Golden Gate Assembly*.  BsaI-HFv2 also works well for any protocol requiring DNA cutting by BsaI. This is the recommended enzyme for any purpose requiring digestion at the recognition sequence ...5′-GGTCTC(N1)/(N5)-3′...
*The requirements for digestion of DNA during Golden Gate Assembly are more demanding than what is encountered in traditional DNA cloning. For Golden Gate, the enzyme must function well in a buffer that might not be the same buffer as that normally provided for the restriction enzyme, and maintain activity for an extended time at elevated temperatures in a dynamic cutting/re-ligating reaction with competition for substrate binding between the endonuclease and ligase. Extensive testing has demonstrated superior performance of BsaI-HFv2 compared to both BsaI (NEB #R0535) and BsaI-HF (NEB #R3535) in this challenging Golden Gate assembly context where restriction enzyme efficiency and fidelity are critically important.

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