FAQ: Which restriction enzymes are used in GoldenBraid Assembly?

BsaI is one Type IIS enzyme used in this method. NEB also offers an engineered high-fidelity version of this enzyme, BsaI-HF®v2, which has the added benefit of being Time-Saver™ qualified (can digest DNA in 5-15 mins and can be digested safely overnight) and exhibits reduced star activity. BsaI-HFv2 works in CutSmart® Buffer, as does T4 DNA Ligase (also part of the GoldenBraid workflow) which is 100% functionally active in this buffer, when the reaction is supplemented with 1 mM ATP. Other Type IIS enzymes used in GoldenBraid include BsmBI-v2/Esp3I, BtgZIBbsI/BbsI-HF and PaqCI (AarI isoschizomer with 7 bp recognition sequence).


GoldenBraid 2.0: A Comprehensive DNA Assembly Framework for Plant Synthetic Biology