Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix


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Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix is a ready-to-use solution of T4 DNA Ligase, proprietary ligation enhancer, and optimized reaction buffer. This master mix is specifically formulated to improve ligation and transformation of both blunt-end and single-base overhang substrates.

  • Simplifies reaction set-up, ensures an optimized ratio of enzyme and buffer components
  • No thawing is necessary as it remains liquid during storage at -20°C
  • Ligations for subcloning can be carried out in small volumes with low DNA concentrations, allowing users to conserve precious DNA samples and directly transform many strains of chemically competent E. coli without dilution
  • Not sure which ligase to choose? Refer to our DNA and RNA Ligase Properties Chart

Ordering Information

  • 2 X
    50 reactions
  • 2 X
    250 reactions
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