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DNA Markers & Ladders

NEB offers a variety of DNA Molecular Weight Markers and Ladders ranging from 10 bp all the way up to 1,018 kb. Ladders are available for agarose gel electrophoresis and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.

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Convenient DNA ladder formats

Conventional Ladder Icon 


(with no loading dye)
  • Available in a wide variety of size ranges
  • Most economical format
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Quick-Load® Purple format
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Quick-Load format
  • Ready-to-load
  • Contains bromophenol blue dye
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Tri-Dye® format

The typical pattern generated by each of our markers and ladders is shown below. Fragment sizes are indicated alongside of the image. Relative mass values are also shown, when appropriate.

Most Popular DNA Ladders

50  bp

3% TBE agarose gel. Mass values are for 1 µg/lane.

50 bp DNA Ladder

Quick-Load® Purple 50 bp DNA Ladder


Low Molecular Weight

3% TBE agarose gel. Mass values are for 0.5 µg/lane.

Low Molecular Weight DNA Ladder

Quick-Load® Purple Low Molecular Weight DNA Ladder


Additional Ladders

Quick-Load® 1 kb Extend DNA Ladder

0.5% TBE agarose gel. Mass values are for 0.5 µg/lane.

Supercoiled DNA Ladder

0.8% TAE agarose gel. Mass values are for 0.5 µg/lane.

Fast DNA Ladder

1.2% TBE agarose gel. Mass values are for 0.5 µg/lane. 

***Can be used for fast electrophoresis systems as well as standard

TriDye Ultra Low Range DNA Ladder

20% polyacrylamide gel. Mass values are for 0.5 µg/lane.


PCR Marker

1.8% TBE agarose gel. Mass values are for 0.3 µg/lane

Conventional DNA & PFG Markers

pBR322 DNA-MspI Digest

3% TBE agarose gel.

φX174 DNA – HaeIII Digest

1.7% TBE agarose gel. 

pBR322 DNA – BstNI Digest

1.4% TBE agarose gel. 

Lambda DNA – BstEII Digest

1.0% TBE agarose gel. 

Lambda DNA – HindIII Digest 

1.0% TBE agarose gel.

Lambda DNA – Mono Cut Mix

1% PFGE agarose gel.  

MidRange PFG Marker 

1% PFGE agarose gel

Lambda PFG Ladder

1% PFGE agarose gel.

UV Shadow Comparison

The new Gel Loading Dye, Purple (6X) (Lane 1) included in the Quick-Load Purple 1 kb DNA Ladder does not cast a UV shadow over the underlying bands, unlike the Gel Loading Dye, Blue (6X) (Lane 2).

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FAQs for DNA Markers & Ladders
Protocols for DNA Markers & Ladders

  • DNA Ladders are supplied with 1 vial of Gel Loading Dye
  • Suitable for analysis of a wide range of DNAs
  • Uniform band intensities and convenient band spacing
  • Easy-to-identify reference bands
  • DNA Ladders can be used for sample quantitation
TriDye and Quick-Load Formats

  • TriDye™ Ladders: 1 kb, 100 bp and 1 kb Plus DNA Ladders are available in ready-to-load format containing xylene cyanol FF, bromophenol blue and orange G.
  • Quick-Load® Ladders: 1 kb, 1 kb extend, 50 bp, 100 bp, 1 kb Plus, Low Molecular Weight DNA Ladders and PCR marker are available in ready-to-load format containing either non-fluorescing purple dye or bromophenol blue as a tracking dye.
Comparison of NEB to Other Commercially Available DNA Ladders
Comparison of the NEB 1 kb (left) and 100 bp (right) DNA Ladders to other commercially available DNA Ladders. Note: The 500 bp DNA Ladder from Roche is used in the 1 kb DNA Ladder comparison.
DNA Markers & Ladders Selection Chart
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