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Quick-Load® Purple DNA Ladders

With our Quick-Load Purple DNA ladders, you can:

  • Quickly determine the size of your DNA, using the evenly-spaced bands and easily-identifiable reference bands
  • Improve your ability to separate fragments, as our new & improved purple loading dye sharpens bands
  • Improve the visibility of the bands, as our purple dye leaves no UV shadow
  • Save money, as NEB’s cost per lane is less than other commercially available ladders
  • NEB’s purple dye runs at the same migration rate as bromophenol blue, making it an easy migration reference. 

This format is available for the Low Molecular Weight, 50 bp100 bp and 1 kb Plus DNA ladders. All Include a vial of Gel Loading Dye, Purple (6X), no SDS.

NEB's Quick-Load Purple DNA Ladders Offer Sharp, Uniform Bands with Easily Identifiable Reference Bands

Lane 1. Invitrogen TrackIt 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder; Lane 2. NEB Quick-Load Purple 1 kb Plus DNA Ladder; 1 μg per gel lane
B. The new Gel Loading Dye, Purple (6X) (Lane 1) included in the Quick-Load Purple 1kb Plus DNA Ladder does not cast a UV shadow over the underlying bands, unlike the Gel Loading Dye, Blue (6X) (Lane 2)

Comparison of Dye Fronts


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