Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase (High Concentration)
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Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase is designed for in vitro transcription of RNA at higher temperatures.

  • Active from 37-56°C, optimal incubation temperature is 50-52°C.
  • In vitro transcription using T7 phage promoter
  • High concentration version of Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase (NEB #M0658)
  • Increased co-transcriptional capping efficiency with cap analogs
  • Decreased immunogenicity from RNA synthesized at higher temperature due to reduced dsRNA by-product formation
  • Recommended for experienced users with knowledge of transcription optimization 
  • Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase Reaction buffer and magnesium chloride included
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  • Product Information
    Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase (High Concentration) is offered at a 20-fold higher concentration than our standard Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase (NEB #M0658) and is ideal for experienced users interested in building and optimizing their own in vitro transcription reactions. The enzyme is accompanied by Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase Reaction Buffer and Magnesium Chloride Solution to further enable testing of different conditions such as nucleotide concentrations. 

    In vitro transcription involves multiple components in addition to the RNA Polymerase including ribonucleotides, inorganic pyrophosphatase and RNase Inhibitor, which can be purchased separately. Please refer to the Related Products section for details. 

    Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase is an engineered DNA-dependent RNA polymerase that is highly specific for T7 phage promoters and is designed to function at higher temperatures than the wild-type bacteriophage T7 RNA Polymerase. Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase functions at an optimal temperature of 50-52°C.

    Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase (High Concentration) reduces dsRNA by-products at higher IVT reaction temperatures

    Immunoblot using an anti-dsRNA antibody (J2) shows presence of dsRNA by-products in the IVT reactions for both T7 and Hi-T7 RNA Polymerases when IVT is performed at 37°c. HPLC purification of the IVT RNA eliminates dsRNA by-products. dsRNA by-products are reduced when IVT is performed at 50°c (or higher temperatures) with Hi-T7.

    Product Source

    An E.coli strain that carries a plasmid encoding the engineered T7 RNA Polymerase gene.

    Reagents Supplied

    The following reagents are supplied with this product:

    Store at (°C) Concentration
    Hi-T7® RNA Polymerase Reaction Buffer -20 10 X
    MgCl2 solution 0.2 M
    Product Categories:
    RNA Reagents Products,
    RNA Modification Products,
    RNA Synthesis Products
    Transcription-Mediated and NASBA Amplification,
    RNA Analysis,
    In vitro Synthesis (IVT)
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