NEB® PCR Cloning Kit (Without Competent Cells)

Allows for in vitro transcription. Also available with competent cells.

Easy cloning of all PCR products, including blunt and TA ends

  • Updated to allow for in vitro transcription with both SP6 and T7 promoters
  • BsaI-site removed from the ampicillin-resistant gene (allows for the cloning of Golden Gate Assembly modules)
  • Fast cloning experiments with 5-minute ligation step
  • Simplified screening with low/no colony background and no blue/white selection required
  • Save time by eliminating purification steps
  • Flanking restriction sites available for easy subcloning, including choice of two single digest options
  • Provided analysis primers allow for downstream colony PCR screening or sequencing
  • Ready-to-use kit components include 1 kb control amplicon, linearized cloning vector and single-use competent E. coli
  • Longer shelf life (12 months), as compared to some commercially available products
  • Also available with competent cells 
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E1203S Not Applicable 20 reactions $188.00
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