NEBNext® Multiplex Oligos for Illumina® (96 Unique Dual Index Primer Pairs)

NEBNext® Multiplex Oligos provide adaptors and primers to enable high yield multiplex Illumina® library production. The unique hairpin loop structure of the NEBNext Adaptor minimizes adaptor-dimer formation, and NEBNext index PCR primers enable index incorporation during library amplification. This first set of UDI primer pairs (Set 1 of 5) includes 96 pre-mixed unique pairs of i5 and i7 index primers, packaged in a single-use 96-well plate with a pierceable foil seal.

For additional information on available indices and formats for multiplexing, please refer to the NEBNext Multiplex Oligos Selection Chart.

  • Allows complete filtering of index-hopped reads
  • High efficiency adaptor ligation
  • Minimized adaptor-dimer formation
  • Includes index primers for library multiplexing
  • Increased sample identification specificity
  • This set (Set 1) may be combined with sets 2, 3, 4 and 5 for 480 barcodes
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E6440S Not Applicable 96 reactions $582.00
E6440L Not Applicable 384 reactions $2,093.00
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