FAQ: How do I use the NEB provided Sample Sheet for my specific instrument?

  1. Download sample sheet from the product page for the index kit you are using from the NEB.com website. Sample sheets can be found on the Protocols, Manuals and Usage/ Usage Guidelines section or FAQs and Troubleshooting/ Do you have a sample sheet.
  2. For dual indexed libraries, ensure the correct version of the sample sheet is downloaded:

    Expected I5 Index Read
    Index Sequence
    Reverse Complement of Index Sequence
    All Instruments when using BaseSpace*, NovaSeq, MiSeq, HiSeq 2000/ 2500 (PE Flow Cell), HiSeq 3000/ 4000(Single Read Flow Cell) NextSeq, MiniSeq, HiSeq 2000/2500 (Single Read Flow Cell), HiSeq 3000/ 4000 (PE Flow Cell)

  3. Use Illumina Experiment Manager to create a sample sheet for your specific instrument and sequencing run settings. Make a sample sheet with a single row and open it in excel.
  4. Copy and paste the index sequences from the NEB sample sheet into this excel file. Make sure columns line up with column headers.

Please contact Illumina Technical Support for any additional questions about using IEM or sample sheet formatting.