NEBNext® Ultra II FS DNA Library Prep with Sample Purification Beads

You’ll be thrilled to pieces
Do you need a faster, more reliable solution for DNA fragmentation and library construction? The NEBNext® Ultra™ II FS DNA Library Prep Kit meets the dual challenges of constructing high quality libraries from ever-decreasing input amounts, and scalability of library construction.
The kit includes a new DNA fragmentation reagent, which is also combined with end repair and dA-tailing reagents, enabling these steps to be performed in the same tube, with no clean-ups or sample loss.
You’ll be thrilled to pieces with the result – a reliable, flexible, high-quality library prep that is fast and scalable.
  • Perform fragmentation, end repair and dA-tailing with a single enzyme mix 
  • Experience reliable fragmentation with a single protocol, regardless of DNA input amount or GC content 
  • Prepare high quality libraries from a wide range of input amounts: 100 pg–500 ng 
  • Generate high yields with increased reaction efficiencies and minimized sample loss 
  • Use with DNA in standard buffers (TE, Tris-HCl) and water 
  • Save time with a streamlined workflow: ~ 2.5 hours, with < 15 minutes hands-on time 
  • Vary incubation time to generate a wide range of insert sizes
  • Enjoy the reliability of SPRIselect® size selection and clean-up beads, supplied in just the amounts you need

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Also available without SPRIselect beads



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E6177S Not Applicable 24 reactions $730.00
E6177L Not Applicable 96 reactions $2,758.00
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