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New England Biolabs was established in the mid-1970s as a cooperative laboratory of experienced scientists. It was conceived to be a part of the scientific community by providing top quality tools and experimental expertise. This basic philosophy has continued to the present day and has led to long-standing relationships with many of our fellow scientists.
NEB's commitment to a customer is regardless of whether or not they are purchasing a product from NEB and their on-going research is supported by our catalog, website and technical support staff. NEB provides to the customer the necessary technical assistance through the lifetime of the product.

Our technical support model is unique as it utilizes many of the scientists at NEB. Any question regarding a product is dealt with by the product manager, who is the scientist responsible for manufacturing the product, by a product development scientist, who may have helped develop the product, or by a researcher, who uses the product in their daily research. Instead of having a small tech support group at NEB, all of our scientists participate in technical support.

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