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Learn how New England Biolabs sets a new standard for life science reagents.


The demand for innovative life science solutions is always on the rise. That's why New England Biolabs holds itself to a higher standard. The NEB facility follows the ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 standards for quality management systems, and with the reliance on recombinant technology and expertise in expression and purification techniques, the company has earned a reputation for high-quality products with proven lot-to-lot consistency.

Lance Goodreau:
Across the board, there's a culture here that actually takes full accountability for all the products that we produce and all of the activities and service that we provide to our customers. It's not the job of a particular department or somebody's niche. It's everybody's responsibility.

Richard G.:
We've made some great investments and advancements in our process development capabilities. We've done a lot with the optimization of fermentation which is the way we generate our starting material for our products. We've made some investments in instruments to look at the quality of these enzymes, to look for contaminants, to ensure that the proteins, the enzymes that we sell are ultra pure with no contamination.

Lance Goodreau:
The quality management systems group here at NEB is a growing group, and with that increase in size and resource, we're able to actually reach out more directly to customers. Now we have the ability to have much more frequent onsite customer audits as well as visits and discussions, bench marking sessions, in which we can collect their feedback, so that's really one of the best improvement processes that we could have.

Richard G.:
One of the unique things about NEB is that you own that product from start to finish, so if you're a product manager your responsibility starts from the purification of the protein, the in-process QCs, the final QCs, the packaging of the product. You're also responsible for all of the technical service of the products. We have people who have been managing and responsible for products for 25 years. There isn't a better expert on that product in the world probably.

At New England BioLabs questions from scientists are answered by scientists. Here technical support is staffed with real production and research experts ensuring best in class customer service.

Ana Egana:
We answer around 17,000 questions a year from our customers. I actually do benchwork at the same time that I manage the tech support group here at NEB where everybody that's involved in tech support actually has some other functions in the company. We do not have a full-time staff that are responsible for tech support. In fact, tech support is done by the scientists both in the production and research departments. All of us here at NEB view ourselves as an extension of the scientific community. That's experience that we can pass on to our customers.

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