How Does the NEB® Technical Support Program Add Value for Customers?

A scientist-run technical support program is the hidden value behind NEB’s reagents. Learn how you can benefit!


Jeremy Foster, PhD:
When you buy a product from New England BioLabs, you're buying basically 35 years of experience and knowledge. That comes with a great guarantee. The products are, I think, really highly respected and valued by the research community.

Ana Egana, PhD:
There are many conversations that I have had with customers in which I've actually told them what I do at the bench when addressing a problem. And especially for people that are just starting that adds a level of reassurance to know that I've been doing the same experiment, that I've faced same problem and that I've come up with a solution for me, and I'm able to share that with them.

Jeremy Foster, PhD:
If you have any questions, you can come back to New England BioLabs and get technical support. We have really good support. I believe that we can really back up our products and really keep the customer experiments on track.

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