Total RNA Extraction & Purification

RNA plays a key role in gene expression and regulation. Extraction and purification of RNA from biological samples is an essential first step in the study of many biological processes. RNA extraction starts with homogenization of the sample followed by lysis of the cells to release the RNA. RNA is then conditioned to bind to a capture column, and washed to remove salts and other contaminants before it is eluted. Any contaminating genomic DNA can be removed with column-based or enzyme-based methods. 
The Monarch RNA Total Miniprep Kit is a universal kit for RNA extraction and purification from a wide variety of cell types including blood, cells, tissues, and tough-to-lyse samples (including bacterial and yeast). The kit includes a protection reagent for sample storage and lysis, Proteinase K for homogenization of some sample types, and gDNA removal columns and DNase I for gDNA removal. 
Commercial RNA cleanup kits are also available to remove reaction components, exchange buffers and/or concentrate samples. The Monarch Total RNA Purification Kit can be used to clean up RNA after enzymatic reactions before use in downstream workflows

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