NEBNext® Ultra™ Ligation Module

This module is part of the original Ultra™ workflow, and is optimized for use with the NEBNext® Ultra End Repair/dA-Tailing Module (NEB #E7445), for Illumina®-compatible library construction. The original Ultra workflow enables library preparation from 5 ng – 1 µg of input DNA in a streamlined protocol. However, we now recommend use of the more recent NEBNext Ultra II DNA workflow, which has been further optimized to provide increased yields of high quality libraries from a broader range of input amounts (500 pg – 1 µg), and a NEBNext Ultra II Ligation Module (NEB #E7595) is available.
Catalog # Concentration Size List Price Your Price Quantity
E7445S Not Applicable 24 reactions $372.00
E7445L Not Applicable 96 reactions $1195.00
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