NEBNext® Singleplex Oligos for Illumina®

NEBNext® Singleplex Oligos provide adaptors and primers to enable high yield singleplex Illumina library production. The unique hairpin loop structure of the NEBNext Adaptor minimizes adaptor-dimer formation. The primers provided enable construction of singleplex libraries, or the universal PCR primer provided can be used in conjunction with user-supplied index primers to prepare multiplex libraries.

Note that NEBNext Multiplex Oligos products are available with sets of 12- and 96- single index primers as well as dual index primers.

  • High efficiency adaptor ligation
  • Minimized adaptor-dimer formation
  • Suitable for singleplex library construction, or for use with user-supplied index primers

Ordering Information

  • 12 reactions
  • 60 reactions
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