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The largest selection of DNA Ligases for your ligation needs

With over 45 years of experience in the development and production of enzymes for molecular biology, NEB offers the most extensive selection of high-quality and performance-optimized DNA ligases and master mixes to streamline your experiments.

A few of our more popular standalone ligases and ligase kits available are:

For added convenience and accuracy in your ligation reaction setup, try our DNA Ligase Master Mixes. These pre-mixed, ready-to-use formulations include a proprietary ligation reaction enhancement agent for improved performance. For your convenience, master mixes are available for every end type: Instant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix (NEB #M0370) for sticky ends, and Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix (NEB #M0367) for blunt or single-base overhang ends. 

Learn more about NEB's quality controls for DNA ligases.

For help with selecting or using a DNA ligase, visit our supporting materials:
  • NEBcloner, an interactive tool for selecting appropriate products and viewing protocols for steps in the cloning workflow
  • DNA Ligase Selection Chart
  • Substrate-based Ligase Selection Chart
  • Properties of DNA and RNA Ligases Chart
  • Ligase Troubleshooting Guide
  • App note: Joining Difficult to Ligate dsDNA Fragments
  • App note: Efficient Adaptor Ligation for the Preparation of dsDNA Libraries using Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix

  • Ligase Fidelity

    Extensive research has been conducted at NEB regarding the end-joining ligase fidelity (discrimination against ligating mismatched overhangs) and bias (sequence preference) for short, cohesive ends.  This information can be used to optimize design of Golden Gate Assembly and achieve high efficiency and high fidelity assemblies of 35+ fragments. 

    NEB has compiled this information into the following tools:

    Ligase Fidelity Viewer (v2)
    Visualize overhang ligation preferences

    Predict high-fidelity junction sets

    Split DNA sequence for scarless high-fidelity assembly

    For more information on ligase fidelity and Golden Gate assembly, watch this webinar or visit


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    • Fidelity-and-Bias-ligation

      Ligase Fidelity and Bias in End-Joining Ligation: Enabling complex, multi-fragment Golden Gate DNA Assembly

      In this webinar, you will learn about our recently developed a single-molecule sequencing method to characterize end-joining ligase fidelity (discrimination against ligating mismatched overhangs) and bias (sequence preferences) for short cohesive ends in a high throughput manner. This method allows determination of the relative frequency of all ligation products with or without mismatches, the position-dependent frequency of each mismatch, and sequence-dependent biases in ligation efficiency. We have applied the fidelity and bias data to optimize design of Golden Gate-type assemblies, allowing selection of overhang sets with minimized mismatch potential and high efficiency. 

    • DNA Ligase

      DNA Ligase Fidelity: When does it matter?

      High fidelity polymerases are everywhere—but why would you need a high fidelity ligase? And what do we even mean by “fidelity” when we’re talking about ligation? In this webinar, NEB Scientist and ligase expert Greg Lohman discusses mismatch ligation by DNA ligases and the molecular diagnostics applications that depend on the use of high-fidelity DNA ligases like NEB’s HiFi Taq DNA Ligase to detect single base differences in DNA.

    • DNA Ligase

      DNA Ligation

      Ligation, the process of joining DNA fragments with a DNA ligase, proceeds in three steps. Learn more about the function of ligation with our quick tutorial animation.

    • DifficultLigation_thumb

      Are some ligations more difficult than others?

      Ligation of blunt ends and single-base overhangs require optimized reaction conditions.

    • WhyUsePEG_thumb

      Why do I need to add PEG to my DNA ligation?

      Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is an important reagent in ligation reactions, find out why.

    • BestReactionTimes_thumb

      What are the best conditions for DNA ligation?

      Find out how the downstream application dictates the best reaction conditions for ligation.

    • BestRatios_thumb

      What molar ratios should I use for DNA Ligation?

      The optimal reactant ratio is contingent upon the downstream application.