Thermolabile Proteinase K
cloned at NEB recombinant 55 Heat

This recombinant, heat-inactivated Proteinase K is engineered for complete inactivation at 55°C in 10 minutes, with broad protease activity for digestion of proteins in nucleic acid preparations and other applications.

  • A unique, recombinant Proteinase K that retains similar activity and specificity as wild type but can be completely heat inactivated at lower temperatures compared to others.
  • Engineered for complete heat inactivation with incubation at 55°C for only 10 minutes.
  • No detectable endonuclease, exonuclease, DNase or RNase contaminating activities.
  • Optimal activity and stability for up to 24 months.
  • Active in a wide range of reaction buffers with optimal activity between 20 - 40°C and pH 7.0 - 9.5.
  • Broad spectrum subtilisin-related serine protease that hydrolyzes a variety of peptide bonds and is frequently used to cleanup enzymatic reactions or cell lysates.
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