Thermolabile Proteinase K Typical Reaction Protocol

Reactions may be scaled-up linearly to accommodate larger amounts of substrate and larger reaction volumes. Optimal buffering reagents, enzyme quantity, incubation temperatures and times may vary for particular substrates. Typical restriction enzyme cleanup conditions are as follows:

To a 50 μl restriction enzyme digest containing 1ug of DNA and 10 units of a restriction enzyme: 

  1. Add 1 μl of Thermolabile Proteinase K, mix gently.

  2. Incubate reaction at 37˚C for 15 minutes.

  3. Incubate reaction at 55˚C for 10 minutes to inactivate Thermolabile Proteinase K.

Note: Optimal reaction buffers, reaction temperatures as well as additional reaction properties of Thermolabile Proteinase K can be found in detail in the FAQ. Optimization may be required for other cleanup applications (ligation, extension, PCR, etc.)