LunaScript® RT Master Mix Kit (Primer-free)

The LunaScript RT Master Mix Kit (Primer-free) features an optimized 5X master mix containing all the necessary components for first strand cDNA synthesis, except primers.

  • 5X master mix contains Luna® Reverse Transcriptase, dNTPs, and Murine RNase Inhibitor
  • Primer-free format enables user flexibility for choice of primers for optimal cDNA synthesis
  • Complete first strand cDNA synthesis protocol in less than 15 minutes
  • Can be used for first strand cDNA synthesis, two-step RT-qPCR, two-step RT-PCR, and RNA-seq workflows
  • Non-interfering, visible tracking dye helps to eliminate pipetting errors
  • Includes No-RT control mix for increased confidence
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E3025S Not Applicable 25 reactions $129.00
E3025L Not Applicable 100 reactions $401.00
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