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    Overview of Glycobiology

    Learn about the core sequences and common modifications of N-linked and O-linked glycans in this video. Analysis of these glycans can be accomplished with the use of deglycosylation enzymes, which can provide complete sugar removal with no protein degradation.

Peptide-N-Glycosidase F, also known as PNGase F, is an amidase that cleaves
between the innermost GlcNAc and asparagine residues of high mannose, hybrid, and complex oligosaccharides from N-linked glycoproteins (1).

PNGase F is the most effective enzymatic method for removing almost all N-linked oligosaccharides from glycoproteins. PNGase F digestion deaminates the asparagine residue to aspartic acid, and leaves the oligosaccharide intact for further analysis.

The growing importance of protein glycosylation in both pharmaceutical and clinical science, as well as basic research, is placing new demands on the quality of reagents for glycan analysis. NEB offers a selection of PNGase F reagents, all highly pure, to support a variety of applications.

Driving your innovation

  • Multiple formulations are available to support a variety of applications
  • Not sure which PNGase F product to choose? Consult our selection chart.

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The industry standard for purity

  • Each PNGase F formulation undergoes stringent quality controls for highly-sensitive and reproducible results
  • All enzymes exhibit ≥95% purity, as determined by SDS-PAGE and intact ESI-MS

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Supporting your application

  • Product performance has been demonstrated in a variety of applications
  • Broad-range utility is shown in a number of publications from researchers at NEB

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1. Maley, F. et al. (1989). Anal. Biochem. 180, 195-204. 

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Available PNGase F products:

NEBNext_portal_product_icon  Rapid PNGase F 
  • Rapid PNGase F (NEB #P0710) completely deglycosylates antibodies and immunoglobulin fusion proteins in 10 minutes
  • Rapid PNGase F (non-reducing format) (NEB #P0711) completely deglycosylates in 10 minutes, while preserving disulfide bonds and quaternary structure for intact antibody analysis
  • Compatible with downstream HPLC and mass spectrometry analysis
  • Recombinant enzyme, releases N- glycans rapidly and without bias


NEBNext_portal_product_icon  PNGase F, Recombinant 


NEBNext_portal_product_icon  Remove-iT™ PNGase F 
  • Remove-iT PNGase F (NEB #P0706) is CBD-tagged for easy removal of the enzyme by incubation with chitin magnetic beads
  • Identical specificity and activity as non-tagged PNGase F


NEBNext_portal_product_icon  PNGase F