PNGase F, Recombinant

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PNGase F is the most effective enzymatic method for removing almost all N-linked oligosaccharides from glycoproteins. PNGase F, Recombinant is a recombinant amidase, which cleaves between the innermost GlcNAc and asparagine residues of high mannose, hybrid, and complex oligosaccharides.

  • Recombinant enzyme; guaranteed endoglycosidase F1-, F2- or F3-free
  • Leaves N-glycan core oligosaccharides intact and suitable for further analysis
  • ≥95% purity, as determined by SDS-PAGE and intact ESI-MS
  • Stored in 50% glycerol
  • Optimal activity and stability for up to 24 months
  • Can be used under native or denaturing conditions

Ordering Information

  • 500,000 units/ml
    15,000 units
  • 500,000 units/ml
    75,000 units
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