Research at NEB

At NEB, basic research is a priority. Well established in their respective fields, including Molecular Biology and Parasitology, NEB scientists routinely publish their work in the leading journals, present research at scientific conferences, host visiting scholars from around the world, and supervise post-doctoral fellows. To date, over 1,200 papers have been published by NEB scientists, in addition to many patents that have been received. We also offer a number of summer internships to undergraduate students as well as opportunities for local high school students to interact with NEB scientists. In addition, our staff is regularly invited to lecture at premier academic institutions and conferences around the world and are always available to present at local high schools. Collaborations with laboratories outside of the company are encouraged, and a weekly academic seminar series enables scientists to visit our facility and interact with our staff.

In 2019, to honor the founder of NEB and his appreciation of scientific research, the Donald G. Comb Honorary Lectureship series was established.

NEB is committed to practicing ethical science – Learn more.