Since New England Biolabs’ inception, parasitology research has been a part of its mission. Inspired to ameliorate the suffering inflicted by parasitic infectious diseases in the developing world, which accounts for approximately 25% of the world’s population, NEB scientists perform research aimed at the development of new anti-parasitic drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines. Further, the group investigates parasite symbionts, genomics, and glycobiology, in hopes of better understanding and exploiting the organisms’ weaknesses.


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    NEB® TV Ep. 24 – Neglected Tropical Diseases

    Several of the most important neglected tropical diseases in humans are the result of infection with filarial nematode parasites. In this episode of NEB TV, learn more about these diseases and their impact, and how understanding their biology can help identify methods to detect, control and treat these parasites in the field.

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    Basic Research

    Learn more about NEB’s commitment to basic research