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Trypsin-ultra™, Mass Spectrometry Grade
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Trypsin-ultra, Mass Spectrometry Grade is a serine endopeptidase, which selectively cleaves peptide bonds C-terminal to lysine and arginine residues.  Trypsin-ultra cleaves at Lys-Pro and Arg-Pro bonds at a much slower rate than when Lys and Arg are N-terminal to other residues.

  • Analyze complex proteomes with minimal autolysis
  • Compatible for simultaneous co-digestion with PNGase F (NEB# P0709)
  • Compatible for simultaneous co-digestion with Endoproteinase LysC (NEB# P8109)
  • Suitable for both in-gel and solution digests
  • Supplied lyophilized
  • Optimal activity and stability for up to 12 months
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