Tma Endonuclease III
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The large size of this product has been discontinued.

Tma Endonuclease III is a thermostable homolog of E. coli Endonuclease III, the product of the E. coli nth gene (1). It possesses both N-glycosylase and AP-lyase activities. The N-glycosylase activity releases damaged pyrimidines from double-stranded DNA, generating an abasic site. The AP-lysase activity cleaves the phosphodiester bond 3´ to the abasic site resulting in a 3´-α, β-unsaturated aldehyde and a 5´-phosphate. 

Damaged bases recognized and removed by Tma Endonuclease III include 5,6 dihydroxythymine, thymine glycol and abasic sites (2).
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