NEBNext® Library Quant Kit for Illumina®

Additional dilution buffer can be purchased separately.

Accurate quantitation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries is essential for maximizing data output and quality from each sequencing run. For Illumina® sequencing specifically, accurate quantitation of libraries is critical to achieve optimal cluster densities, a requirement for optimal sequence output. qPCR is considered to be the most accurate and effective method of library quantitation, providing considerably higher consistency and reproducibility of quantitation. Further, amplification-based methods quantitate only those molecules that contain both adaptor sequences, thereby providing a more accurate estimate of the concentration of the library molecules that can be sequenced. The NEBNext® Library Quant Kit has been optimized to provide substantial performance and workflow improvements to qPCR-based library quantitation.

  • Be confident in your quant values, with more accurate and reproducible results than other methods and kits.
  • Quantitate more libraries per kit, as only 4 standards are required.
  • Simplify your reaction setup with fewer pipetting steps and a single extension time for all libraries.
  • Use with all your libraries, regardless of insert size, GC content and preparation method.

Ordering Information

  • 100 reactions
  • 500 reactions
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