FAQ: Can I run the NEBNext Library Quant Kit on my qPCR machine?

The Quant Kit is compatible with all qPCR instruments tested thus far, using either standard or fast temperature ramping protocols. For machines that use a reference dye for normalization, please consult the kit manual or the FAQ on ROX for appropriate ROX selection. The Quant Kit has been run successfully on the following qPCR machines:

Manufacturer Instrument
Applied Biosystems® StepOne™
Prism® 7000
Prism 7900HT
7500 Fast
ViiA™ 7
Bio-Rad iQ® 5
Life Technologies QuantStudio™ 7
Roche LightCycler® 96
LightCycler 480

Please contact us at info@neb.com if you would like to discuss performance on any qPCR instrument not listed above.