Gaining a better understanding of infectious diseases, including their characterization, evolution and transmission, continues to be a priority, both from an R&D standpoint and as a public health issue. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for a wide range of tools to research infectious diseases, develop diagnostics and vaccines, and conduct epidemiological and surveillance studies. It has also highlighted the importance of speed and the ability to pivot as new problems arise. This has emphasized the need for innovation and thinking differently about where to access critical materials, including genomics reagents.

Many scientists know NEB as a trusted reagent supplier to the life science community, having had formative lab experience with our reagents and tools. What you may not know is that we also offer a portfolio of products that can be used in infectious disease research, development of diagnostics and therapies, as well as in epidemiological studies and disease surveillance. Many of our products have played a role in the global response to SARS-CoV-2, from supporting the development of COVID-19 diagnostics and vaccines to improving the speed and accuracy of Illumina® and Nanopore-based COVID-19 sample analysis. They can also be utilized with other infectious diseases, such as influenza and malaria, in multiplex assays for simultaneous detection and differentiation. Most recently, we designed a multiplex assay to detect monkeypox virus DNA using Luna® qPCR reagents.

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With almost 50 years of experience in molecular biology and enzymology, NEB has the expertise to support your infectious disease research and development. We pride ourselves in being a resource to you, not just through our product offering, but through the support that we provide. Our OEM & Customized Solutions Team has been serving customers for over 30 years, and can quickly apply a cross-functional team of scientists and staff to understand your needs and provide solutions that address them. We have made significant investments in our scale-up and manufacturing capabilities, including the ability to supply GMP-grade* reagents, as well as lyophilized reagents, lyo-ready and glycerol-free enzyme mixes. Furthermore, expansion of our quality, regulatory affairs and quality control infrastructure underscores our commitment to making the best possible products, every time.

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Infectious Disease Research

Gaining a better understanding of viral entry, interactions between the host and cellular proteins, proliferation, and host immune response are all critical in being able to develop tools to prevent infection. Comprising a variety of projects, from expression profiling to the identification of drug targets, and more, the search for clues in the battle against infectious diseases is expansive and requires a multi-pronged approach. This important work demands high-quality reagents that are consistently available, and will work when you need them.

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Diagnostics & Detection

Development of molecular diagnostics that robustly and accurately detect harmful micro-organisms, including viruses, are critical to identifying and preventing the spread of disease. Nucleic acid amplification is commonly used to identify the presence of specific sequences within pathogenic microbes. These techniques include qPCR and RT-qPCR for real time quantitation of nucleic acids and loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for robust, single temperature amplification, which can be performed easily in the point-of-care setting, such as a clinic or in the field. Sequencing has also proven a useful tool in the detection of variants, aiding in the real-time monitoring of changing viral dynamics in an at-risk population.

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Epidemiology & Surveillance

Epidemiological studies are important as they help to better characterize disease-causing agents, including viruses, as well as monitor evolution and spread of disease. NGS can be used to identify variants, which can then help track disease transmission, and inform public health decisions as well as drug and diagnostic development. Products that support epidemiological studies, such as tools that can extract viral RNA and generate high quality libraries from complex sample like nasopharyngeal swabs and community wastewater samples are a critical first step in generating robust sequencing data. Additionally, reagents that are compatible with automated workflows are beneficial in generating data at high throughputs.

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Vaccine Development & Manufacturing

Development and manufacturing of vaccines, both protein- and nucleic acid-based, are happening faster than ever before. Relying on one solution is not an option – multiple approaches that utilize a variety of workflows are critical to achieving success. Recent experience has exposed the need for high quality reagents that are accessible at scale, often under more stringent conditions, and that are available a variety of product formats.

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"GMP-grade" is a branding term NEB uses to describe reagents manufactured at NEB’s Rowley facility. The Rowley facility was designed to manufacture reagents under more rigorous infrastructure and process controls to achieve more stringent product specifications and customer requirements. Reagents manufactured at NEB’s Rowley facility are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system standards. However, at this time, NEB does not manufacture or sell products known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), nor does NEB manufacture its products in compliance with all of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

Products and content are covered by one or more patents, trademarks and/or copyrights owned or controlled by New England Biolabs, Inc (NEB). The use of trademark symbols does not necessarily indicate that the name is trademarked in the country where it is being read; it indicates where the content was originally developed. The use of this product may require the buyer to obtain additional third-party intellectual property rights for certain applications. For more information, please email



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