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NEBExpress® GamS Nuclease Inhibitor
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NEBExpress GamS Nuclease Inhibitor is a recombinant protein that inhibits Exonuclease V (RecBCD) activity and stabilizes linear DNA templates in E. coli based in vitro protein synthesis reactions.  

  • Enhances synthesis yield of linear DNA using the NEBExpress Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis System
  • Recombinant enzyme; ≥ 95% purity, as determined by SDS-PAGE 
  • No detectable protease activity, ensuring stability of desired target protein
  • Compatible with various target proteins, ranging from 17 to 230 kDa
  • Optimal storage buffer for performance in protein synthesis reactions
  • Flexible reaction conditions achieve maximum yield; activity can be sustained for 10 hours at 37°C or up to 24 hours at lower temperatures
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