pSNAPf Vector

pSNAPf Vector is a mammalian expression plasmid intended for the cloning and stable or transient expression of SNAP-tag® protein fusions in mammalian cells. This plasmid encodes SNAPf, a SNAP-tag protein, which is expressed under control of the CMV promoter.

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  • The expression vector has an IRES (internal ribosome entry site) and a neomycin resistance gene downstream of the SNAPf for the efficient selection of stable transfectants
  • pSNAPf Vector contains two multiple cloning sites to allow cloning of the fusion partner as a fusion to the N- or C-terminus of the SNAPf
  • pSNAPf contains an improved version of SNAP-tag
  • SNAPf displays faster kinetics in in vitro labeling than SNAP-tag, and fast, specific and efficient labeling in live and fixed cell applications

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