Cappable-seq is a method, developed at NEB, for directly enriching the 5´ ends of primary transcripts. The method enables determination of transcription start sites at single base resolution (1). This is achieved by capping the 5´ triphosphorylated end of RNA with Vaccinia Capping System (NEB #M2080) and 3´-Desthiobiotin-GTP. The primary transcripts are then bound to Hydrophilic Streptavidin Magnetic Beads (NEB #S1421), washed and eluted with free biotin.

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  • 5 mM
    0.5 μmol
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    Supplied in: Ultrapure Water as a Triethylammonium salt at pH 7.0
    Molecular Formula: C31H52N11O19P3
    Molecular Weight: 975.74 g/mol
    Extinction Coefficient: λ260 = ~11,700 Lmol-1 cm-1
    Product Categories:
    Nucleotide Solutions,
    RNA Synthesis
    RNA Modification,
    In vitro Synthesis (IVT),
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