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Tth Argonaute (TtAgo)
dil_B No

Thermus thermophilus argonaute (TtAgo) is a programmable DNA-endonuclease which requires a short 5’-phosphorylated single-stranded DNA guide to target its activity to a specific corresponding sequence on a substrate. TtAgo introduces one break in the phosphodiester backbone of the complementary substrate sequence.

  • Short 16–18 nucleotide 5′-phosphorylated ssDNA guides are cost effective and can be phosphorylated with NEB T4 Polynucleotide Kinase
  • Guide/target sequence selection is not limited by the requirement of an adjacent sequence motif
  • Highly active on ssDNA and most dsDNA substrates (generates a nick in dsDNA substrates), with mild activity on ssRNA substrates
  • Recommended for in vitro applications
  • Refer to GUIDElines for optimization of Tth Argonaute (TtAgo) reactions
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