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The IMPACT™ (Intein Mediated Purification with an Affinity Chitin-binding Tag) system is a novel protein purification system which utilizes the inducible self-cleavage activity of protein splicing elements, termed inteins, to separate the target protein from the affinity tag

  • Distinguishes itself from all other purification systems by its ability to purify, in a single chromatographic step, a native recombinant protein without the use of a protease
  • Able to produce a target protein without vector–derived amino acids
  • Fusion to either C-terminus or N-terminus of target protein
  • Isolation of proteins with or without an N-terminal methionine residue
  • Ligation and labeling of recombinant proteins
  • T7 promoter-driven system to achieve high levels of expression and tight transcriptional control in E. coli

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