Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing


Library preparation is a critical part of the next generation sequencing workflow; successful sequencing requires the generation of high quality libraries of sufficient yield and quality from ever-decreasing input quantities as well as from samples of lower quality. At the same time, there is a need for faster, automatable protocols that perform reliably without compromising the quality of the libraries produced.

To meet these growing challenges, the NEBNext suite of products continues to evolve to support next generation sequencing with sample preparation tools that streamline workflows, minimize inputs, and improve library yields and quality.

Benefits of NEBNext®

  • A broad selection of kits for sample preparation of DNA, ChIP DNA, RNA and small RNA
  • Optimized formulations for reduced workflow times and ever-decreasing input amounts
  • Extensive quality controls and functional validation for all kits
  • Multiple workflow formats for maximum convenience and flexibility
  • Best-in-class technical support from NEB scientists and staff
  • A proven track record, with mention in over 1,000 publications to-date
  1. $name

    12 Quick Tips for NGS Library Preparation

    Using beads to clean up your DNA prior to NGS library prep can be quick and easy, if you follow these few, simple tips.

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    NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Protocol

    This video walks you through DNA Library Preparation using the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit. The video also includes tips for optimization as well as safe stopping points.

  3. Library Preperation For NGS

    Library prep for NGS

    Get a quick overview of NGS library preparation from an NEB scientist.

Select your application

  • DNA Library Prep – Fast, streamlined workflows and novel reagents for a broad range of input amounts
  • FFPE DNA – Repair DNA damage caused by FFPE treatment, and perform high-efficiency library prep
  • ChIP-Seq Library Prep – High-efficiency, streamlined workflows for low input amounts of DNA
  • RNA Library Prep – Novel reagents and streamlined workflows for directional and non-directional RNA, rRNA depletion and mRNA enrichment
  • Target Enrichment – High-quality library generation in a single day with the unique hybridization-based NEBNext Direct® technology
  • Microbiome DNA Enrichment – Separation of microbiome DNA from contaminating host DNA from low input amounts
  • Library Quantitation – Accurate and reproducible quantitation of Illumina libraries, with a user-friendly workflow



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