Microbiome DNA Enrichment

The microbiome comprises the collection of various microorganisms (e.g., bacteria and viruses) that reside within or on a host organism. There is active research into the human microbiome and how it differs between sites like the gut and the skin. Full identification of the individual microbes present within the microbiome requires use of next generation sequencing (NGS) for metagenomic analysis.  
Microbiome DNA analysis can be challenging due to the high percentage of host (eukaryotic) DNA present in many samples. The NEBNext® Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit facilitates enrichment of microbial DNA from samples containing methylated host DNA (including human), by selective binding and removal of the CpG-methylated host DNA. Importantly, microbial diversity remains intact after enrichment. The NEBNext Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit is suitable for a wide range of sample types and is compatible with downstream applications including next generation sequencing on all platforms, qPCR and end-point PCR. 
The Kit is also effective for separation of organelle DNA (e.g. mitochondria, chloroplast) from eukaryote nuclear DNA. 
For a closer look at the NEBNext Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit, read “Addressing Challenges in Microbiome DNA Analysis”. 

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