Monarch® PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit (5 μg)

Beginning in May 2021, we will be gradually transitioning the Monarch DNA Cleanup Binding Buffer to a concentrated format which requires the addition of isopropanol by the user. The protocols on the website have been updated to reflect this change, but please refer to the instructions provided with your products, as your lot may not be affected.

Quickly and easily purify high quality DNA from PCR and other enzymatic reactions.

  • Elute in as little as 6 μl
  • Prevent buffer retention and salt carry-over with optimized column design
  • Save time with fast, user-friendly protocols
  • No need to monitor pH
  • Protocol modification allows for ssDNA purification, oligonucleotide purification, and purification of other small DNA fragments
  • Buffers and columns available separately
  • Significantly less plastic used when compared with other kits 
  • Responsibly-sourced and recyclable packaging

Check out our Technical Note containing comprehensive insights into measuring and analyzing nucleic acids.

Catalog # Concentration Size List Price Your Price Quantity
T1030S Not Applicable 50 preps $110.00
T1030L Not Applicable 250 preps $502.00
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