NEBExpress® E. coli Lysis Reagent

NEBExpress E. coli Lysis Reagent is a chemical lysis solution composed of a proprietary mix of non-ionic and zwitterionic detergents and Tris-based buffer. It allows disruption of E. coli cells without denaturing soluble proteins.

  • Ready-to-use liquid that is stable at room temperature
  • Gentle yet highly active formulation of detergents in Tris buffer
  • Scalable lysis reactions from small to large bacterial cell pellets and compatible with high throughput workflows 
  • Suitable for extracting proteins, especially thermosensitive proteins vulnerable to mechanical lysis procedures
  • Compatible with analyses such as SDS-PAGE, Western blots, activity assay, immunoprecipitation, and downstream purification 
  • Suitable for disrupting most Gram-negative bacterial cells
  • Lysis efficiency increases 2-fold when used in combination with NEBExpress T4 Lysozyme (NEB# P8115)
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P8116L Not Applicable 500 ml $420.00
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