FAQ: How much NEBExpress® E. coli Lysis Reagent should I use?

We recommend using 5 mL of NEBExpress E. coli Lysis Reagent per 1 gram of cells.

Alternatively, the volume of Lysis Reagent can be calculated based on the number of units OD600 (UOD600) harvested, where UOD600 is the OD600 of a culture multiplied by its total volume. For example, if a 5 mL culture is harvested when the OD600 is 1.0, 5 mL x 1.0 = 5 UOD600. It is recommended to use 0.025-0.075 mL of Lysis Reagent for every 1 UOD600 harvested, so in the example above 0.125 – 0.375 mL would be required.