pMAL-c6T Vector

This product is a replacement for NEB #N8108, pMAL™-c5X Vector

The pMAL-c6T Vector is designed to produce maltose-binding protein (MBP) fusions in the cytoplasm. The MBP has been engineered for tighter binding to amylose resin. The vector expresses an N-terminal his-tagged malE gene followed by a multiple cloning site containing a TEV protease recognition sequence, allowing MBP to be cleaved from the protein of interest after purification. 

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  • pMAL-c6T is the recommended vector for use with the NEBExpress® MBP Fusion and Purification System (NEB #E8201)
  • Fusion to MBP significantly enhances the solubility and proper folding of proteins expressed in E. coli (1)
  • Vector includes His-tag and TEV Protease recognition site, allowing the protein of interest to be cleaved from MBP using TEV Protease (NEB #P8112)
  • Two-step purification: amylose resin elution followed by TEV Protease cleavage and Ni resin isolation results in a highly-pure, tag-free target protein
  • MBP has been engineered for tighter binding to amylose resin
  • Ampicillin resistant
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