EpiMark® Bisulfite Conversion Kit

This product was discontinued on December 15, 2022. Alternative products are the NEBNext® Enzymatic Methyl-seq Conversion Module (NEB #E7125) and NEBNext® Enzymatic Methyl-seq Kit (NEB #E7120).

  • Catalog # E3318 was discontinued on December 15, 2022

Bisulfite conversion is the most commonly used technique to date and is the “gold standard” for methylation analysis.

  • Incubation of the target DNA with sodium bisulfite results in conversion of all unmodified cytosines to uracils leaving the modified bases (5-mC or 5-hmC) intact
  • Complete conversion of Cytosine is achieved by alternating cycles of thermal denaturation with incubation reactions
  • This kit provides materials for 48 reactions
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