Monarch® RNA Cleanup Columns (50 μg)

The Monarch RNA Cleanup Columns (50 µg) are a component of the Monarch RNA Cleanup Kit (50 µg) (NEB #T2040) and can be used to purify up to 50 µg of RNA from enzymatic reactions. They are supplied with Monarch Collection Tubes II (NEB #T2018). RNA Cleanup Binding Buffer (NEB #T2041) and Monarch RNA Wash Buffer (NEB #T2042) are also available separately.

  • Ideal for the cleanup of RNA from enzymatic reactions including sgRNA synthesis, DNase I treatment, labeling, and capping.
  • Elute in ≥ 20 µl for concentrated RNA
  • 70-100% RNA recovery
  • Unique column design prevents buffer carryover and elution of silica particulates
  • Purified RNA is ready for use in a wide variety of downstream applications

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T2047L Not Applicable 100 columns $264.00
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