NEBridge® Ligase Master Mix

Learn about ligase fidelity and push the limits of your Golden Gate Assembly Reactions (50+ fragments)

Offering flexibility and convenience for users, NEBridge® Ligase Master Mix performs high efficiency and high-fidelity Golden Gate Assembly with a broad assortment of NEB Type IIS restriction enzymes.

  • Optimized for efficient and accurate Golden Gate Assembly
  • Convenient 3X Master Mix format
  • Use with NEB Type IIS restriction enzymes
  • Use for seamless cloning – no scar remains following assembly
  • Ideal for ordered assembly of multiple fragments (2-25+) in a single reaction
  • Can also be used for cloning of single inserts and library construction
  • Free tool available at
  • Try our free Ligase Fidelity Tools ( for the design of high-fidelity Golden Gate Assemblies)


Catalog # Concentration Size List Price Your Price Quantity
M1100S 3 X 50 reactions $93.00
M1100L 3 X 250 reactions $372.00
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