9°N™ DNA Ligase
NEBU recombinant 45 No

9°N DNA Ligase will ligate this substrate:

Nicked DNA/RNA


  • Can be used to ligate nicks in DNA while incubating at high temperatures
  • Extremely thermostable and can withstand PCR conditions
  • Will not ligate short 4 base overlaps (typical of restriction enzyme digests), but efficiently ligates 12 base pair overlaps
  • Isolated from a recombinant source
  • Not sure which ligase to choose?  Refer to our DNA and RNA Ligase Properties Chart or DNA Ligase Selection Chart
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M0238S 40,000 units/ml 2,500 units $87.00
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  • Product Information
    9° N™ DNA Ligase is a thermostable ligase that catalyzes the formation of a phosphodiester bond between the 5´-phosphate and the 3´-hydroxyl of two adjacent DNA strands that are hybridized and accurately paired, with no gap, to a complementary DNA strand.  9° N DNA Ligase uses ATP as a cofactor and it is active at elevated temperatures (45° C – 70° C).

    Product Source

    Purified from an E. coli strain containing the cloned ligase gene from the extremely thermophilic marine archaea Thermococcus sp.(strain 9°N). The archaea was isolated from a submarine thermal vent, at a depth of 2,500 meters, 9° north of the equator at the East Pacific Rise (1).
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