NEBNext Ultrashear® FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit

FFPE DNA poses many challenges for library preparation, including low input amounts and highly variable damage from fixation, storage, and extraction methods. Regions of interest are often enriched using hybrid capture-based approaches, and these workflows require a high input of diverse, uniform DNA library.

The NEBNext Ultrashear™ FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit incorporates enzymatic fragmentation of FFPE DNA using NEBNext UltraShear, a new enzyme mix optimized for use with FFPE DNA that increases library yields and quality, while improving scalability and ease of use. The kit also repairs damage to DNA caused by the FFPE process and includes reagents and a protocol optimized for library prep of FFPE DNA. The workflow is streamlined and user-friendly, with minimal hands-on time, and the kit improves yields and quality of libraries from a range of FFPE DNA sample input (5-250 ng) and quality.

View or download extensive performance data in our Data Supplement.

  • Includes specialized enzymatic fragmentation and FFPE DNA repair reagents, plus optimized library prep reagents and protocol
  • Increased library yields
  • Improved sequencing metrics
  • Greater sensitivity of somatic variant calling
  • 5-250 ng input range
  • Automation-friendly workflow

For FFPE DNA library prep without enzymatic fragmentation, the NEBNext FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit (NEB #E6650) is available.

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E6655S Not Applicable 24 reactions $860.00
E6655L Not Applicable 96 reactions $3,270.00
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