FAQ: Can I use this NEBNext kit with adaptors and primers from vendors other than NEB?

Yes. The adaptor must be a T overhang adaptor and the final library yield may be slightly lower than when using the NEBNext Adaptors for Illumina®.
Guidelines for use (these apply for non-NEBNext, full length barcoded adaptors and P5 and P7 universal PCR primers.):

  1. Use 2.5 µl adaptor. Adaptors are typically used at 15-25 µM concentration. The optimal adaptor concentration and dilution would have to be determined experimentally.
  2. Skip the USER addition and the 15 min USER incubation. Add 3 µl water or TE to sample to make up volume difference for the next step.
  3. Sample bead cleanup conditions may have to be modified for other vendor oligos.
  4. PCR with NEBNext MSTC™ FFPE Master Mix: use PCR Primers supplied with the vendor adaptors used. Do NOT use NEBNext Index Oligo PCR primers.