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  • NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

    Library preparation of nucleic acids relies on a coordinated series of standard molecular biology reactions, and preparation of high quality libraries at high yield is a critical first step in the next generation sequencing workflow. As the number of applications in the realm of next generation sequencing increases, so does the need for reagents and protocols for library preparation.

    NEBNext® reagents are a series of highly pure reagents that facilitate sample preparation of DNA and RNA for next generation sequencing. NEBNext kits are carefully designed to improve yields and library diversity using minimal input amounts. For example, each reagent in our new NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit (NEB #E7645) has been reformulated, resulting in a several-fold increase in library yield with as little as 500 pg of input DNA.

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    NEBNext® is a registered trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc.

    1. NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Protocol

      This video walks you through DNA Library Preparation using the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit. The video also includes tips for optimization as well as safe stopping points.

    2. 12 Quick Tips for NGS Library Preparation

      Using beads to clean up your DNA prior to NGS library prep can be quick and easy, if you follow these few, simple tips.

    3. Why Choose NEBNext Reagents for NGS Library Prep?

      NEBNext products are a great choice for your NGS library preparation needs. In this video, Fiona shares a few reasons why.

    4. Tips for Optimizing RNA Inputs in NGS Library Construction

      Watch as Deyra explains how to optimize your RNA inputs for successful NGS library preparation.

    5. Which NEBNext Product Format Should I Choose?

      Not sure how sets and kits differ from modules? Ping explains the difference, and helps you to decide which one is right for you.

    6. NEBNext for Core Lab Facilities

      Are you running a core sequencing facility? Watch as Eileen shares a few reasons that NEBNext products are particularly well suited to sequencing core labs.

    7. Which DNA Library Prep Kit for Ion Torrent Should I Choose?

      Having trouble deciding which NEBNext Fast DNA Library Prep Set for Ion Torrent™ to choose? Let Christine explain which set is right for your DNA.

    8. Tips for Bead-based Clean ups and Size Selection

      Using beads to clean up your DNA prior to NGS library prep can be quick and easy, if you follow these few, simple tips.

    9. Tips for Optimizing DNA Inputs in NGS Library Construction

      Optimizing DNA inputs for NGS library prep is an important step, if you want to ensure a high-quality library. Start by following these tips.

    10. Optimization of NGS Library Preparation: Low Inputs and Fast, Streamlined Workflows

      Learn how NEBNext® Ultra™ is enabling library prep for multiple applications, with lower input amounts and fast, streamlined workflows. In this GenomeWeb webinar Cynthia Hendrickson from HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology, Momo Vuyisich from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Daniela Munafo from New England Biolabs describe use of NEBNext Ultra in exome sequencing, bacterial genome resequencing and assembly, and strand-specific RNA-Seq.

    11. A Breakthrough Method of RNA Sample Preparation

      The common problem of adaptor dimer formation during small RNA library construction can be avoided by using NEBNext® protocols. Learn about this technique, and how it improves both performance and sensitivity in library construction.

    Featured Products

    NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing includes these areas of focus:

    Illumina® Library Preparation
    NEBNext® Ultra™ II DNA Library Prep
    DNA for Illumina®
    RNA for Illumina®
    Ion Torrent™ DNA Library Preparation
    DNA for Ion Torrent™
    454™ Library Preparation
    DNA for 454™
    RNA for 454™
    SOLiD™ Library Preparation
    DNA for SOLiD™
    RNA for SOLiD™
    DNA Library Preparation
    RNA Library Preparation
    DNA Fragmentation
    NEBNext® dsDNA Fragmentase®
    FFPE DNA Repair
    NEBNext FFPE DNA Repair Mix
    NEBNext® Automation

    FAQs for NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

    Protocols for NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

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    • NEBNext® for Illumina® Brochure

      The NEBNext Brochure for Illumina provides an overview of library preparation for DNA, ChIP-Seq, RNA and Small RNA for the Illumina platform, as well as tech tips and select peer-reviewed citations.

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