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NEB is a proud sponsor of high school and college/university iGEM competition teams. (Support may be given to “community” teams that are comprised mostly of participants from academic institutions, on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire to see if you qualify.) Over the years, NEB has supported many iGEM teams with donated materials and scientific guidance. This year, we continue that support and have created this page to help you conveniently locate request forms, information on NEB products and helpful technical resources (including tips, troubleshooting guides and educational videos).

If you have any questions, please contact iGEM@neb.com.

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About the iGEM Competition

iGEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, calls on students the world over to engage in novel synthetic biology projects to design and create biological systems, and to demonstrate their function in living cells. This is accomplished with a collection of biological parts, which can be found in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, a collection curated by iGEM. Based on the strength of the design, ingenuity of the execution, and value of the data generated, projects are ranked, and teams advance to the world championship. Currently, iGEM is open to teams from the high school level to the post-graduate “entrepreneur” level.

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    Learn more about iGEM

    Hear more about what the iGEM competition is all about from an NEB scientist.

  2. nebuilder_overview_thumb

    Introduction to NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly

    Find out how NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly can reliably join DNA fragments in a single tube, isothermal reaction, with advantages over NEB Gibson Assembly®.

  3. GoldenGateAssemblyWorkflow_720

    Golden Gate Assembly Workflow

    Find out how Golden Gate Assembly can be used to quickly join multiple DNA fragments.

  4. PrimerDesignFragmentAssembly_720

    Primer Design and Fragment Assembly Using NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly or Gibson Assembly® E5510 E5520

    Watch an interactive tutorial on primer design to see how simple it really is to clone with either NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly or the Gibson Assembly Cloning Kit.

  5. EnzymeNotCutting_video_thumb

    Why is My Restriction Enzyme Not Cutting DNA?

    Not getting the cleavage you expected? Let an NEB scientist help you troubleshoot your reaction.

  6. OverviewOfPCRCloning_720

    Overview of PCR Cloning

    PCR Cloning is an easy and reliable cloning method. The name is derived from the use of a DNA amplification step to generate the amplicon. Learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of PCR Cloning.