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Course Support & Reagent Donation

NEB is proud to provide reagents and technical support to high school and collegiate teaching labs and educational courses in the US. NEB is also a supporter of both iGEM and BioBuilder® competition teams and provides reagents, educational information and helpful tools for these competitions.

NEB provides the following reference materials and laboratory aides upon request. To learn more, fill out the information request form below.

What are our course support recipients saying?

Learn about how our course support recipients have benefited from the program. Select a recipient from the drop down list to view our photo gallery and testimonials.

Abraham Lincoln High School

Amgen Bruce Wallace Biotechnology Lab Program

Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center

"Your support of our high school research program is greatly appreciated. We are working on developing a molecular marker system for use on an endangered frog species. I gave one of my students a copy of your catalog and told him to locate what we needed to make it happen. He wore your catalog out! I never would have guessed that a product catalog could be a useful teaching tool, but it also turned him in to our resident biotechnology expert. He will happily recite all the features of any type of Taq enzyme you wish and tell you which one to use for a specific application."

Dr. Mike Brown, Teacher

Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium (BABEC)

Bend Senior High School

BioQuest Academy

"Another important thing I learned at BioQuest Academy is that science is not a scary subject. Before when conducting a science experiment in school, I was always scared or nervous to come out with very different results than other lab groups. Here, I was able to see that different is okay or even better! In science there is no wrong or right answer, what really matters is that we were able to see and understand why that "different" result is the way it is, and have the evidence to prove why it came out the way it did."

"Before coming here, I was so lost about how to apply to college or what specific qualities I should find in a school that best suites me.  Every day we would have someone come and talk to us about all that stuff and now I feel excited about going to college and making something out of my life."

"The most important thing that I learned in this program is that they welcome you and push to do the best. They encourage you to the best even if you don't come from a very wealthy family, they will inform you of all the good opportunity things that are out there for us that go through a lot."

"I learned about infectious diseases and lab techniques, but the most important thing I know right now is that if you really have the capacity and heart you can change the whole world and help not only our own families but also the people who most needed it.  The knowledge and experience of the great scientists of the lab was a great inspiration for me."

"Another important thing that I learned in BioQuest Academy is not only science but we also got to look into universities I can attend to pursue my career path and really gave me that motivation to go further into my field of study and making me want to change this world into a better place."

"It gives you a head start to think about college, and informs you how there's so many opportunities for people with low income that can get financial aid,  helps you financially, also the variety of scholarships that are offered."

"First reason is students will not only have a lot of fun but can also be educated with highly advanced information.  Second will prepare you for your future and get you thinking more about college.  Third is you will have great lab skills and it will be a great experience for all of the students who love science and also make lifelong connections with new friends."

Blue Valley Center For Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)

"Thanks to the generous support of NEB, our students are able to move beyond the realm of "kit-based" science education. They are able to pose questions that are of genuine interest to them, then design and implement experiments that address these questions. For example, one of our students is conducting an epigenetics study utilizing qRT-PCR. She is evaluating telomere position effect and gene silencing in Neurospora crassa by examining expression levels of a transgene inserted at varying distances from the telomere. The majority of reagents used in her experiments were provided by NEB.

"In the 21st century, much of biology is viewed through a molecular lens. Donations given by NEB have allowed teachers to keep pace with modern research, providing our students a robust, authentic science experience.

"Thank you very much!"

Joseph P. Whalen, Bioscience Instructor

Bowie High School

Brevard High School

Bridgewater State University

Carroll University

"Each year, institutions like ours are faced with shrinking budgets. As an instructor I am very thankful for your program because it allows me to design authentic molecular biology based experiments for my students. Much of biology is now viewed through a molecular lens but the reagent costs are often prohibitive for smaller institutions like ours. Thank you for your continual support. It gives my students the chance to perform several basic molecular biology techniques and to begin viewing biological problems from their own set of molecular lenses."

Dr. Tina Schneider, Carroll University 

Cascade High School

Center for Advanced Research and Technology

"I want to acknowledge and thank you for the supplies of plasmids and restriction enzymes that you generously donated to the Environmental Lab of the Center for Advanced Research and Technology [CART]. Our Biomedical Engineering Lab students will get a lot of use out of these supplies as they work on their annual showcase projects and presentations.

"Excellent education is a direct reflection of the nation it serves and support from valuable members of our community, even across the country, inspires us to strive even further to reach out to the young people of this community and meet their educational needs.

"We thank you for your continued support of CART."

Susan Fisher, Chief Operating Officer
John D. Forbes, Ed. D., Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

Clayton State University

"Clayton State University department of Natural Sciences would like to thank NEB for providing supplies (competent cells, EcoR1, PstI, HindIII, lambda DNA and ladders) that allowed us to teach our biotechnology class. This year, two classes of students benefited from these supplies and what is left over can benefit future classes and research students. These supplies allowed the students to learn about how real scientists set up restriction digests and run gels for different types of DNA samples. We graciously want to thank NEB which allowed the students to be introduced to what it is like to work in a real research laboratory."

Coastal Marine Biolabs

"NEB’s generous product donations have made it possible for our scientific team to connect high school and undergraduate students to the landmark Barcode of Life Initiative, an ambitious international effort to genetically catalog all life on the planet using short, standardized DNA sequences (DNA barcodes). With this support, CMB students successfully generated a DNA reference barcode library for roughly half of the 40 or so rockfish (Sebastes) species found in the waters surrounding California’s northern Channel Islands. NEB’s continued course support has also made it possible for our students to extend this work by generating and submitting DNA barcodes for fish and invertebrate species that provide “vital signs” of the health of our kelp forests and marine protected areas.

"On behalf of our CMB, its scientists, and its talented students, I would like to take this opportunity to commend NEB for assisting us in our mutual goal to inspire a new generation of innovators that appreciate the connectivity of the natural world and the natural sciences. It is our sincere hope that our students leave CMB understanding how the use of tools developed through our knowledge of the biological world can be used to protect our planet’s rich biodiversity and generate powerful new tools for the betterment of humankind."

Ralph Imondi, Ph.D., Scientific Co-Director

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

"Funding, as you can imagine is extremely limited and we must rely on the generosity of companies like yours to donate supplies whenever possible."

Barbara Zane

Cornell University

"As part of the iGEM competition, much of our work involves DNA cloning. The molecular biology materials donated by NEB are extremely valuable to the cloning work we are able to accomplish each year. Support from NEB allows our undergraduate team to continue to give practical lab experience to the next generation of biological scientists. We would like to sincerely thank NEB for their continued support."

Eric Holmes, Cornell iGEM 2014 Team Leader

Duke University

"Duke University's Department of Biology wishes to thank New England BioLabs for its generous support of our lab exercises in molecular biology and genetics. Over 5400 Duke undergraduates have benefited from NEB's Educational Course Support program since Fall 2010. The molecular materials donated by NEB are crucial to our efforts to provide our students with a complete and well-supplied hands-on experience in the lab. Contributions of EcoR1, BamH1, and HaeIII restriction enzymes, as well as competent cells, T4 DNA ligase, gel loading dye, and DNA ladders, ensure that individual students have the opportunity to perform the basic techniques of molecular biology. Again, we would like to thank NEB and acknowledge the big difference the Educational Course Support Program has made in our pedagogical mission."


Eastern Michigan University

"I am writing to express gratitude for the generosity of New England Biolabs. For a number of years, I have relied extensively upon NEB products (especially restriction enzymes, high-fidelity Phusion® DNA polymerase, and various DNA modifying enzymes) for construction and analysis of recombinant DNA molecules for my research. I have always been satisfied with these products and the knowledgeable and helpful technical support I have received from members of the NEB scientific staff. The NEB Educational Course Support program has enabled me to bring these same high-quality NEB products used in my research lab into my teaching lab. At Eastern Michigan University I teach BIOL306, a core laboratory course in cellular & molecular biology. Students in this course engage in a variety of experiments including self-genotyping using cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (CAPS) analysis, bacterial transformation and analysis of recombinant DNA, heterologous expression and analysis of recombinant proteins produced in E. coli, and analysis of gene expression using RT-PCR. Running these sorts of experiments requires a slew of costly reagents and supplies. The tough fiscal conditions here in Michigan (resulting in very tight budgets across the University) necessitate resourcefulness in order to deliver the best possible lab research experiences to my students with the lowest possible financial impact. I was delighted when I discovered the NEB Educational Course Support program and I could hardly believe it when all of the supplies we requested were provided free of charge. The generosity of NEB has made it possible to provide valuable laboratory training experiences for BIOL306 students despite budget constraints. For this we wholeheartedly thank NEB."

Aaron Liepman, Ph.D., and the students of BIOL306

"I wanted to let you know how much the support your organization has provided has helped our students here. Because of the reagents you provide for us, we are able to double the number of lab stations we run and that is critical to getting kids involved in a real way with the learning. They really enjoy their day of electrophoresis and many return the next year to help us run the lab for the newbies! Its a good thing that you do to help us teach this important procedure to the students at this young age as they make the decisions about what to do with their lives - I think it is safe to say that together we have launched A LOT of careers in molecular biology!"

Joan Pence, Salem Science, Eastern Michigan University

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

"The Science Education Partnership (SEP) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center appreciates New England Biolabs generous support of our Kit Loan Program. SEP teachers in Washington State are able to engage their students in hands-on learning of key concepts in molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology using the same equipment, DNA, and enzymes used by research scientists in academic and industry research labs. It's wonderful for us to have these high quality reagents donated by NEB so that we can support the learning experiences of thousands of students each year."

Stephanie Namciu, Ph.D., Associate Director Science Education Partnership

"All our SEP teachers sign photo release forms with us when they join SEP and everyone in the photo joined in voluntarily, so I think you are covered on the permission. We had fun doing it, too. We wanted to let you know how important and appreciated the product donation is for what we do. Around 15,000 students end up using those items in conjunction with our loaned kits each year."

Georgia College and State University

Gilmour Academy

Grand Valley State University

Great Bay Community College

Illinois State University

"NEB has kindly provided molecular biology reagents for our Biotechnology Lab course for a number of years now. We greatly appreciate receiving this lab support in times of tight budgets. Moreover, being that NEB is a great company with quality products, it is a pleasure using their products. In particular, the class has found that NEB's Phusion polymerase works very well for robust high fidelity PCR and site directed mutagenesis. We always have good success with cloning experiments using NEB's restriction enzymes and T4 DNA ligase, along with their competent cells. The NEB catalog also serves as a highly useful supplement to course materials. Thank you for your continued support, NEB!"

Best regards,
John Sedbrook, PhD
School of Biological Sciences
Illinois State University

Iolani School

Los Medanos College

Lunenburg High School

Luther College

Marietta High School

MdBio Foundation, Inc.

"As a state with one of the largest concentration of biotech companies, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) initiatives are critical to Maryland's continued economic health and development. Maintaining our state's competitive advantage as a welcoming environment for these valuable employers will help sustain and grow our economy for years to come. In challenging economic times, supporting these businesses with qualified employees has become even more critical. Our education programs do just that: providing our students with cutting-edge STEM education that will prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. STEM programs ensure that Maryland's workforce meets the needs of our existing biotech employers, as well as attracting new businesses to our state.

"Each year MdBioLab, a mobile bioscience laboratory, continues to advance its mission of providing unique lab experiences to the students and teachers of Maryland. Through our mobile laboratory program, we have seen many young people become excited about science. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see improvements in the quality of STEM education in Maryland."

Richard A. Zakour, Ph.D., Executive Director MdBio Foundation, Inc.

Northern Michigan University

Nyack College

Olathe North High School

Ouachita Baptist University

Pingry School

San Ramon Valley High School

Satellite High School

"My High School, Satellite High School in Satellite Beach, Florida, has a very sophisticated cell biology program. We have a BSL2 lab on campus and throughout the year our students culture and treat breast cancer cells. This is a remarkable opportunity for high school students. When they advance to a University, they find easy admittance into Undergraduate Research Programs. They already have the skills needed to do graduate level work.

"The down side to this is that it is tremendously expensive to run cell lines and provide assays for this type of research. We are a public high school in Florida and there are not extra funds to carry on a highly sophisticated science program. New England Biolabs is a life saver for us. By donating some of the materials we use, our students can continue to do cutting edge research. Using the latest techniques, they develop an underlying knowledge of Cell Biology and the Biochemistry involved that is second to none. New England Biolabs’ support of the next generation of scientists is truly a game changer for our students. We could never keep up with the changes in the industry without their help.
Thank you New England Biolabs."

Joe Scott
Lead Science Research Teacher
Satellite High School

Shoals Marine Laboratory

"Our summer college credit course, "Genetics of Marine Diversity", is taught six miles off the coast of New England at the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Maine. It relies on versatile DNA diagnostics that can be integrated with research in marine environmental science and implemented rapidly at a seasonal field station surrounded by a rich and diverse marine ecosystem. I am particularly grateful for the support New England Biolabs has extended to our educational program. The efficiency of our PCR bench experiments and accuracy of our DNA sequencing and muti-locus genotyping results have been substantially improved with the use of NEB's optimized reaction kits, high quality enzymes, gel loading dyes, DNA standards and convenient bench-top coolers. In a course that seeks to inspire undergraduates though the completion of their own scientific investigations, New England Biolabs has been a welcome neighbor and critical sponsor of our efforts to give today's students the molecular biological tools they need to help solve tomorrow's challenging environmental problems."

Dr. Andrew M. Shedlock, Harvard University and Shoals Marine Laboratory

Spokane Community College

Stonehill College

Suffolk University

Sycamore High School

The Dalton School

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

"As always, thanks for your help and NEB's generosity. Every year NEB makes research a reality for the Seniors in our Biotechnology Laboratory."

Mr. Larry Gaudreault, Biotechnology Teacher, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

"Thanks so much to you and NEB for providing great educational support for our 150+ Biotechnology and Life Sciences students last year at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. We deeply appreciate the donation that makes it possible for our senior researchers and junior DNA Science 1 and 2 students to develop their skills and follow their passions for research! Many of our students also work on projects in professional labs in our area, having been trained well using your materials. Thanks again so very much."

Andrea D. Cobb, Ph.D., Biotechology Lab Director, National Board of Professional Teachers, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Tracy High School

"I would like to express my sincere thanks for all of the support that you have given my Biotechnology class at Tracy High School. Over the years, your company has always supported materials that are critical to the operation of the course. Without your continued support, my student projects would be nearly impossible. Whether it be enzymes, DNA, or technical support, the answers are always rapid and even more impressive is the speed at which the support comes. I can not tell you how much we all appreciate your on-going support.

Students have used the materials to study:

  • Mitochondrial DNA sequences in Drosophila flies
  • Restriction analysis of PCR amplicons from a Photosystem II gene
  • Yeast DNA fingerprinting
  • Whole class Lambda DNA restriction analysis
  • Tracing House flies via their Cytochrome Oxidase Genes
  • Ligating Plasmids pAMP and pKAN

These are just a few of the many more.

Thanks again."

J. Kirk Brown, Biotechnology Teacher, Science Department Chair, Tracy High School, Tracy CA

University of Kentucky

"NEB has been a great partner in supporting our Recombinant DNA Techniques lab. We use the NEB catalog and online technical resources as core instructional materials for this first semester graduate student & upper division undergraduate student course. The NEB regents and enzymes provide consistent results & NEB support has encouraged us to develop and beta test new lab modules that might otherwise not have been considered. Many thanks from the University of Kentucky."

University of Portland

University of Southern Maine

Lewiston-Auburn College

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

University of Texas at Austin

"Students at work in the lab of the Virtual Drug Screening Stream of the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) at the University of Texas at Austin. The FRI is a novel program that places over 750 incoming freshmen into research groups. Each cohort or stream works on authentic, year-long projects that count towards their degrees. These students in the VDS stream are seeking to find novel inhibitors of infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, African sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis, Rickettsia and Francisella tularensis. VDS researchers clone, express and purify their target proteins in order to test for inhibition by compounds that are predicted to bind well through computational screening."

Josh T. Beckham, Ph.D.

University of Texas at San Antonio

University of Washington

Washington State University

"I am writing to thank you and New England Biolabs for your generous suppport of my introductory biology course (BIOL 107) last summer. The resources of the laboratory portion were significantly reduced, and I would not have been able to include two molecular biology labs for students without your help. These labs are significant because they allow students to experience basic concepts of cloning including: plasmid manipulation that can be very abstract to students if they do not have the chance to actually do them in the lab. My students and I are very grateful to you and New England Biolabs Education Course Support Program for making this possible."

Julie Dangremond Stanton, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Molecular Biosciences

Wellesley High School

"I am emailing you to thank you for your help in procuring a vector and some restriction enzymes for my classroom. The use of the materials that New England Biolabs provided us were perfect for the lesson that I had planned out, and they worked flawlessly. The high school program that you have set up allows teachers like me to bring cutting edge technology into the classroom. Without the program, I do not think I would even contemplate the lesson that I presented to my classes. Thank you again."

Ken Bateman
Science Teacher/Golf Coach

Worcester Technical High School

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