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Course Support & Reagent Donation

NEB is proud to provide reagents and technical support to high school and collegiate teaching labs and educational courses in the US. NEB is also a supporter of both iGEM and BioBuilder® competition teams and provides reagents, educational information and helpful tools for these competitions.

NEB provides the following reference materials and laboratory aides upon request. To learn more, fill out the information on the right.

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Blue Valley Center For Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)

"Thanks to the generous support of NEB, our students are able to move beyond the realm of "kit-based" science education. They are able to pose questions that are of genuine interest to them, then design and implement experiments that address these questions. For example, one of our students is conducting an epigenetics study utilizing qRT-PCR. She is evaluating telomere position effect and gene silencing in Neurospora crassa by examining expression levels of a transgene inserted at varying distances from the telomere. The majority of reagents used in her experiments were provided by NEB.

In the 21st century, much of biology is viewed through a molecular lens. Donations given by NEB have allowed teachers to keep pace with modern research, providing our students a robust, authentic science experience.

Thank you very much!"

Joseph P. Whalen, Bioscience Instructor

Carroll University

"Each year, institutions like ours are faced with shrinking budgets. As an instructor I am very thankful for your program because it allows me to design authentic molecular biology based experiments for my students. Much of biology is now viewed through a molecular lens but the reagent costs are often prohibitive for smaller institutions like ours. Thank you for your continual support. It gives my students the chance to perform several basic molecular biology techniques and to begin viewing biological problems from their own set of molecular lenses."

Dr. Tina Schneider, Carroll University 

Center for Advanced Research and Technology

"I want to acknowledge and thank you for the supplies of plasmids and restriction enzymes that you generously donated to the Environmental Lab of the Center for Advanced Research and Technology [CART]. Our Biomedical Engineering Lab students will get a lot of use out of these supplies as they work on their annual showcase projects and presentations.

Excellent education is a direct reflection of the nation it serves and support from valuable members of our community, even across the country, inspires us to strive even further to reach out to the young people of this community and meet their educational needs.

We thank you for your continued support of CART."

Susan Fisher, Chief Operating Officer
John D. Forbes, Ed. D., Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

Duke University

"Duke University's Department of Biology wishes to thank New England BioLabs for its generous support of our lab exercises in molecular biology and genetics. Over 5400 Duke undergraduates have benefited from NEB's Educational Course Support program since Fall 2010. The molecular materials donated by NEB are crucial to our efforts to provide our students with a complete and well-supplied hands-on experience in the lab. Contributions of EcoR1, BamH1, and HaeIII restriction enzymes, as well as competent cells, T4 DNA ligase, gel loading dye, and DNA ladders, ensure that individual students have the opportunity to perform the basic techniques of molecular biology. Again, we would like to thank NEB and acknowledge the big difference the Educational Course Support Program has made in our pedagogical mission."


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

"The Science Education Partnership (SEP) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center appreciates New England Biolabs generous support of our Kit Loan Program. SEP teachers in Washington State are able to engage their students in hands-on learning of key concepts in molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology using the same equipment, DNA, and enzymes used by research scientists in academic and industry research labs. It's wonderful for us to have these high quality reagents donated by NEB so that we can support the learning experiences of thousands of students each year."

Stephanie Namciu, Ph.D., Associate Director Science Education Partnership

"All our SEP teachers sign photo release forms with us when they join SEP and everyone in the photo joined in voluntarily, so I think you are covered on the permission. We had fun doing it, too. We wanted to let you know how important and appreciated the product donation is for what we do. Around 15,000 students end up using those items in conjunction with our loaned kits each year."

Illinois State University

"NEB has kindly provided molecular biology reagents for our Biotechnology Lab course for a number of years now. We greatly appreciate receiving this lab support in times of tight budgets. Moreover, being that NEB is a great company with quality products, it is a pleasure using their products. In particular, the class has found that NEB's Phusion polymerase works very well for robust high fidelity PCR and site directed mutagenesis. We always have good success with cloning experiments using NEB's restriction enzymes and T4 DNA ligase, along with their competent cells. The NEB catalog also serves as a highly useful supplement to course materials. Thank you for your continued support, NEB!"

Best regards,
John Sedbrook, PhD
School of Biological Sciences
Illinois State University

MdBio Foundation, Inc.

"As a state with one of the largest concentration of biotech companies, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) initiatives are critical to Maryland's continued economic health and development. Maintaining our state's competitive advantage as a welcoming environment for these valuable employers will help sustain and grow our economy for years to come. In challenging economic times, supporting these businesses with qualified employees has become even more critical. Our education programs do just that: providing our students with cutting-edge STEM education that will prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. STEM programs ensure that Maryland's workforce meets the needs of our existing biotech employers, as well as attracting new businesses to our state.

Each year MdBioLab, a mobile bioscience laboratory, continues to advance its mission of providing unique lab experiences to the students and teachers of Maryland. Through our mobile laboratory program, we have seen many young people become excited about science. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see improvements in the quality of STEM education in Maryland."

Richard A. Zakour, Ph.D., Executive Director MdBio Foundation, Inc.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

"As always, thanks for your help and NEB's generosity. Every year NEB makes research a reality for the Seniors in our Biotechnology Laboratory."

Mr. Larry Gaudreault, Biotechnology Teacher, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

"Thanks so much to you and NEB for providing great educational support for our 150+ Biotechnology and Life Sciences students last year at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. We deeply appreciate the donation that makes it possible for our senior researchers and junior DNA Science 1 and 2 students to develop their skills and follow their passions for research! Many of our students also work on projects in professional labs in our area, having been trained well using your materials. Thanks again so very much."

Andrea D. Cobb, Ph.D., Biotechology Lab Director, National Board of Professional Teachers, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

University of California Berkeley

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of the ABE reagents you have donated for our teachers to use over the years…you can see your donations "in the wild" at a teacher training".

Maia K. Binding, Curriculum Developer

University of Kentucky

"NEB has been a great partner in supporting our Recombinant DNA Techniques lab. We use the NEB catalog and online technical resources as core instructional materials for this first semester graduate student & upper division undergraduate student course. The NEB regents and enzymes provide consistent results & NEB support has encouraged us to develop and beta test new lab modules that might otherwise not have been considered. Many thanks from the University of Kentucky."

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