How to submit a request for NEB's® reagents for your educational course

Learn how to submit a request for reagents to support your high school or collegiate teaching labs and educational courses in the US. View the request forms at:


To submit a course support request, please visit our promoting science education page and click on course support and reagent donation. On the next page, fill in your contact information on the right side. You should receive an automated email back containing a link to the course support order form. Please carefully read all the instructions. You may need to check your spam or junk folder for this email. The rest of the video will show you how to complete the course support order form to successfully place an order for NEB reagents for your educational course. Step one, requirements. We ask for your contact information along with how many students you will be teaching, and the total number of experiments. This information will help us verify the amount of reagent needed. We also need to know the soonest date that you require the reagents. We ask that you allow up to two weeks. Please plan accordingly. In addition, we require a detailed protocol, a summary table, and the actual order form. We will now review how to complete each of these requirements. Step two, protocol. We require a detailed protocol that is one that your students will be using during the course of the experiment that you will be teaching that indicates the exact volumes and amounts, such as units of enzyme or micrograms of DNA, of each requested reagent. We require that you highlight on the protocol exactly where this information can be found. We have included a link to a properly completed request for your reference. In this example, please note that we can see the entire protocol, and we see that the instructor has highlighted exactly where the reagents requested are used. Please upload this information in the space indicated. We cannot accept manuals. If your protocol is in a manual, please copy it and submit only the relevant portions. Step three, summary table. We require a summary table which indicates exactly how much you need for each reagent requested. You will list the name of each reagent, the number of experiments that you will conduct, and the volume of reagent needed per experiment. If you multiply these two columns together, you will get the total volume required. Our order form indicates the volume supplied per vial, and from this information you can indicate how many vials are needed. Please upload your table in the space indicated. Step four, product selection. The last requirement is to complete and submit the order form. You can download the Excel form from here. Note that the volumes for each vial are listed. Please only choose from the list of products on the Excel sheet. In rare instances, if you absolutely need something different, we will review these requests on a case by case basis. This requires a one to two sentence written justification. Please upload your order form in the space indicated. Step five, submit. Once all three documents have been uploaded and you have provided your contact info and answered all the questions, please submit. Only properly completed requests will be fulfilled. You will receive an automatic email when your order is ready to ship. If you do not submit all required documents, we will contact you and ask you to correct your submission. This will cause delays. We would love to spread the word of our course support program and reach more life science educators. This document provides some ways to spread the word via social media. We appreciate you sharing your experiences and tagging NEB. Please contact us at if you have any questions. We hope the video has helped you understand how to complete a course support request. Thank you for the work you do to educate our young scientists in the life sciences.

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